It’s a Breath of Fresh Air

Unpleasant odours are something we all want to avoid at home. Whether it's a dirty sock smell or a fishy smell from cooking fish, you need a fast, lasting odour removal specialist. We're the experts in specialist disinfection cleaning and our odour removal is used for multiple different scenarios.

We clean smarter to make your home smell better

No one likes odours in their home—consider the millions of dollars consumers spend annually on air fresheners, candles and other "masks". But does it really make sense to add something to the air when what you need is an odour remover? We understand odour removal is key to your total comfort and healthy living.

DirtBusters is an expert in solving a myriad of odour problems. We use powerful chemical-free solutions like probiotic bacteria, enzymes and specialty essential oil that are eco-friendly and harmless to you. Our special air quality solution focuses on preventing the sources of odours and delivering fresh, pure air into your home.

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Benefits of Odour Removal



Not an air freshener solution. Directly targeting the bacteria-causing odour, we eradicate the odour problem permanently.


& fresh air

Breathe fresh air always. Our eco-friendly odour removal agents help remove foul smells from your home with ease.

Improvement in

air quality

Improves indoor air quality and reduces the chances of allergen-induced health problems



Keep your home disinfected and deodorized all the time. One-time solution with long lasting results.


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service and recieve