Who Knows What Your Hands Have Touched?

DirtBusters' sanitizing solutions are ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, and it's a quick, convenient home sanitizing option. Your items are sanitized on-location, providing a convenient and comprehensive home sanitizing experience.

Sanitized home deserves double thumbs up

Our disinfectant and sanitize solution eliminates harmful bacteria, germs, and can even destroy pests. It can also put a stop to odours and keep your items sanitized, and in a clean smelling condition for a longer time.

Do you need for a quick, in-depth home sanitizing service that will clean your items on-location? Our sanitizing services are good for germ and allergen removal, eliminating odors, drying water damaged items, and regular maintenance.

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Benefits of Disinfectant & Sanitize Service

Clean home

clear mind

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than coming home to a wonderfully clean home.  It makes you feel positive and relaxed.



Our sanitizing solution kills the odour causing bacteria and spreads a tinge of fresh smell in the home.



Keep your kitchen counters, bathroom, door knobs, toilet seats clean and sanitized even when they're not visibly soiled.



Keeping in mind your health, we only use chemical-free products to sanitize your home with care.


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