Cleaning air ducts, vents, furnace, blower, and supply and return air duct registers. Providing regular maintenance for your home can help avoid future expenses and repairs.

Wall to wall carpeting or floor carpets are hosts to dust mites and other bacteria due to constant usage. You deserve a healthy home! With Dirt Busters' Carpet Cleaning service, the ideal healthy home can be assured.

Over time, tile floors and surfaces lose their shine and luster. Scrubbing and mopping do not generally yield the results needed for a deep clean. We help maintain the cleaned grout for months and make your regular home maintenance more effective.

Did you know that marble and granite are porous and can harbor bacteria? That it is recommended to have your surface cleaned and sealed annually? Our specially trained and certified technicians carefully prepare, clean, and seal your surfaces for maximum protection.

Gutters are an important piece of your property's structure as they collect excess water and then help it to drain away safely. Over time, however, guttering can become blocked with debris.  Our gutter cleaning service operates in Ottawa. We will ensure that all your guttering is free from blockages and any debris that may cause problems.

Window cleaning is a job best left to the professionals – which is where we come in. Doing it yourself is simply dangerous for any larger house or office block. To avoid these problems and get super clean windows that will make your property look amazing, give us a call.

Over time, it’s inevitable that food and liquids spill inside the appliances. It’s important to keep up on regular cleaning to ensure you always have a clean place to store and cook your food. Tired of saying you’ll finally clean your fridge or oven next week? Contact us and let us tackle those chores.

Fabric upholstery collects dust and sometimes succumbs to stains and dirt which are unsightly and not hygienic. Dirt Busters' upholstery cleaning service cleans using eco-friendly chemical-safe cleaning products to deliver excellent cleaning results, without damaging the upholstery.

Dryer vents clog when enough lint accumulates in the system to cause a blockage. Cleaning dryer vents effectively requires knowledge and the right tools. You're getting the best from Dirt Busters - Canada's best dryer vent cleaning service

DirtBusters uses powerful tools such as probiotic bacteria, enzymes and specialty essential oil odour products to solve a myriad of odour problems at home or business. Our odour treatment is non-toxic, chemical-free, and leaves no residue.

Areas such as classrooms, offices, gyms and entire homes can be sanitized and disinfected against a multitude of germs, allergens, odors and indoor contaminants in a fraction of the time. We utilizes a technologically advanced process to sanitize 99.999% of indoor surfaces without the need for toxic chemicals or manual wiping and rinsing.

Rugs are made of delicate fibers that can easily get damaged by do-it-yourself procedures. At Dirt Busters, we have the equipment, the training and the experience to properly clean rugs that can extend rug life and decrease allergens found in the rug.