Don’t Stress. We’ll Handle the Mess.

Why spend hours scrubbing away with expensive chemicals when you can call the experts? We won't disappoint, or leave a nasty taste in your mouth! Dirt Busters offers a professional appliance cleaning service customized to your domestic or commercial needs.

Cleaning Your Worries Away

There are many who buy cleaning products which can be used to clean your appliances yourself, but these can leave nasty chemical smells, taint the flavor of your food, and most often do not achieve desired results.

We will strip all removable parts from your appliances and submerge them in our van mounted heated dip tank, filled with eco-friendly cleaning solution. This process removes the stubborn stains and heavy deposits. We ensure most of the dirty work is done outside of your kitchen.

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Benefits of Appliance Cleaning



Clean appliance retains heat more efficiently, which maintains food hygiene as well.


energy bill

Periodic cleaning saves you more money on your energy bill because it takes less time to heat to the desired temperature.


health risks

Regular oven cleaning prevents grease build up thus preventing the growth of bacteria and risk of fire.


food quality

Food cooked in clean oven taste delicious. We ensure you get healthy food all the time.


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